Prayer Diaries for JANUARY & FEBRUARY

It is required that face coverings should be worn by everyone in church. We welcome this as part of making church services as safe as possible for people to attend, and as a sign of our desire to protect others from possible infection.

The Churchwardens and I continue to keep Church services during this lockdown under review in response to government announcements.  Our aim is for St Mary-le-Tower to offer the most appropriate ministry for everyone’s spiritual comfort in these testing times, while giving due consideration to everyone’s safety and the need to prevent the spread of the virus.
Looking further forward in 2021, we can all look forward to resuming the life of St Mary-le-Tower, perhaps with a renewed appreciation for all that it can mean for us.  Meanwhile, please do not tire of maintaining the disciplines of safety from the coronavirus, and looking after and encouraging one another.  Now is not the time to weaken.  Much is being planned, God is faithful, and we all need to keep faith ourselves in what God has in store for us. 

With my prayers and best wishes,


St Mary-le-Tower is a parish church with a thriving congregation of people of all ages, and it is the Civic Church for the town of Ipswich. Our congregation is drawn from all around the Ipswich area, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and religious perspectives. We offer cathedral style formal worship in the Anglican Choral Tradition, with an auditioned robed choir affiliated to the Cathedral Organists Association

Canon Charles Jenkin, Vicar
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