Welcome to St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich

Welcome to St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich


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Bring-and-share Harvest Lunch following the 10.30am Service

in Tower House, 17 Tower Street


St Mary-le-Tower is both a parish church with a thriving congregation of people of all ages, and the Civic Church for the town of Ipswich. Its fascinating history and its location in the heart of the town draws large numbers of visitors.

Our congregation is drawn from all around the Ipswich area, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and religious perspectives, ranging from Evangelicalism through to Anglo- Catholicism. We emphasise living out the Christian faith with tolerance and respect for our neighbour and affirm the Anglican principles of Scripture, Tradition and Reason.

A message from the Vicar

Charles Jenkin

Reverend Canon Charles Jenkin

Welcome to the website for St Mary-le-Tower church Ipswich.  We are an open and inclusive town centre church offering choral services in Anglican “cathedral” style.  Our worship engages significant numbers of young people in the life of our church through music, and our varied congregation is drawn from across Ipswich and beyond.

The church is an oasis in the busy town centre of Ipswich and is located off Tower St, close to the Tower Ramparts shopping centre and bus station.  We are open daily for prayer and for visitors.  The peace and greenery of the churchyard attracts many for rest and refreshment, and the church has a warm and welcoming ambience and holds many treasures.  It is the civic church of Ipswich with a fascinating history, and there is much beautiful wood carving of really outstanding quality.

This website introduces much of our life and work as a church, and our mission statement below sums up our outlook.  We hope you will be able to visit us yourself at some point.

St Mary-le-Tower Mission Statement

We are a strategic Christian ministry in the Town Centre of Ipswich,

  • proclaiming the Kingdom in worship, presence and service,
  • celebrating Christian pilgrimage richly in music,
  • learning from Jesus in scripture and in one another,
  • inspiring new generations with Christian faith and music,
  • worshipping formally and thinking progressively,
  • caring for and supporting one another,
  • rooted in Christian tradition and Anglican style,
  • affirming our place in our diocesan family of churches.

We will play a distinctive part in building community in the Town Centre of Ipswich,

  • offering a generous welcome to everyone,
  • maintaining a beautiful and historic house of prayer,
  • being an inclusive Christian community of all ages
  • being a friend to business, professions and institutions,
  • establishing a public profile for our work and activity
  • encouraging established and growing communities,
  • growing alongside other churches.

We will seek the Kingdom of God with:

  • passion for life,
  • love for the excluded,
  • concern for the healing of creation,
  • lively debate and discussion,
  • longing for justice and peace,
  • valuing the wisdom of years,
  • in the company of children and young people.