Choral Scholarships

The Town and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Tower offers Choral Scholarships to individuals who have previous choral experience or perform other types of music to a high standard.

Many of our Choral Scholars are former choristers but we welcome applications from those who have not sung in the choir previously.

A Choral Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity to participate in traditional liturgical music as well as offering high standard of choral singing and solo performance experience.

We are looking for sopranos, altos, tenors and basses who wish to further develop their vocal and musical skills.  In addition to valuable experience singing within our choir, individual singing lessons and further tuition in musical theory is provided.

Who can become a Choral Scholar?

Candidates must be between the ages of 13-18, competent readers of music and have a good understanding of music theory.

A fully formed voice is not a prerequisite.  We understand that both male and female voices develop and change considerably during this time. The Director of Music will be looking for vocal potential as well as a musical ear and the ability to take instruction in rehearsal.

Why should I become a Choral Scholar?

Some of our recent choral scholars have gone onto attain scholarships at University and have forged successful careers in the music profession.  Others have gone on to different professions altogether but have benefitted greatly from the skills they have learned.

What is the time commitment?

Choral Scholars rehearse each Friday evening from 7.15pm. Girl choral scholars are asked to sing with the Girl choristers and therefore rehearse earlier depending on the schedule. Choral Scholars can be required to sing for all three services on a Sunday or either morning or evening – again, depending on the schedule.

How to become a Choral Scholar

Applications are welcome all-year round, although scholarships are awarded to an individual after 6 months in the choir. If you are interested in learning more or auditioning to become a Choral Scholar at St Mary-le-Tower, please contact our Director of Music, Christopher Borrett:

Tel: 07917 355 946




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