Contact the Director of Music: Christopher Borrett
07917 355946

Music is integral to the mission of St Mary-le-Tower, which has long been a place of choral excellence.  Today it offers a traditional style of choral worship with a real emphasis on the involvement of young people. The choir is made of three sections: boys, girls and adults.  At any given Sunday service, it is usually either the boys or the girls who sing the top (soprano or treble) line with the adults of the choir singing the alto, tenor and bass parts. At major festivals and for some other events the whole choir combines. Twice a month the choir is made up of boys and men, maintaining a long-standing tradition at the Tower. In addition to the high standard of choral music that this choir offers weekly, the church is the busiest promotor of classical music in Ipswich, organising a regular series of lunchtime concerts.

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