The Parish records are stored at the Suffolk Record Office in Ipswich which offers a search service.

The catalogue to the parish records is now available online at To access the full list use the advanced search option on the Suffolk Record Office collections page and search for Ref No. FB91.

The Register of Baptisms dates from 1538 but the earliest surviving ones for marriages and burials go back only to1614.

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Incumbents of St Mary-le-Tower

From 1177 until 1538 the Augustinian Priory of Holy Trinity in Ipswich provided the clergy to minister at the Tower.

Thereafter the appointment to the living, which was ” a Perpetual Curacy ” was in the hands of the parishioners.

Nowadays the Vicar of the parish is presented by the Bishop (for three turns out of four, the Church Patronage Trust taking the fourth).

1220Turstan (of Ipswich Church)
1251Roger (Chaplain)
1437Nicholas Wymbyssh or Walter Disse
1443Andrew Woodhouse
1446Adam Sabyn
1449Thomas Lamberd
1451William Clerk
1455William Smith
1464John Drayll
1485Thomas Wade
1499Thomas Tybenham
1510William Lark
1512William Baron
1536Thomas Peacock
1555John Somerton
1555Edmund Gooding
1577George Webb
poss. William Negus
to Leigh (see Denham Classis)
1587John Ward
1597John Shelton
1606Nathaniel Roe
1609Thomas Webb
1615Thomas Nuttall
1616John Ward
1620John Gooding
1624Samuel Ward
1627Jonathan Skinner
1630Richard Raymond
1632Samuel Ward (again)
1635John Ashburne (Ward's Son in Law)
1636Nullus Curatus
1637Gawen Nash
1642William Fincham
1656John Chapman
1657Benjamin Brunning ?
1662John Burrough
1670Hugh Roberts
1674Samuel? Brunning
1677Samuel Golty
1678Joseph Cutlove
1708Thomas Bishop DD
1737Thomas Bishop Junior
1778Thomas Cobbold
1831Francis Cobbold
1838William Nassau Leger (later St Leger)
1861James Robert Turnock
1890Ythil Arthur Barrington
1904William Pigot
1915Hamilton Douglas-Hamilton
1924Arthur Wallace
1928Arthur Streeten
1942Richard Babington
1958Basil Spurgin
1972Geoffrey John Tarris
1982Keith Brynmor Jones
1996Peter K Townley
2008Charles Jenkin

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