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Mon. 1st  We pray for all who live and work in Ipswich. That the spread of the Corona Virus can be brought under control

Tues. 2nd We pray for Sue Rudland, Tower House Manager, and all the organisations who work there.

 Wed. 3rd We pray for the self employed who are struggling during the current lock-down.

Thurs. 4th We pray for all who find family life difficult. For those who manage Food banks and other agencies who offer help

Fri. 5th We pray for all who have recently died, and for those who are grieving. For those who conduct funerals.

Sat. 6th On the anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne, we pray for members of the Royal Family.

Sun.7th We pray for Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike and all Clergy as they lead us in faithfulness to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Mon. 8th We pray for all NHS Services especially those working in Intensive Care Units with seriously ill patients.

 Tues. 9th We pray for all who suffer with mental illness, whose needs are not always recognised.

Wed.10th  We pray for all involved with the care and welfare of vulnerable children and adults.

Thurs.11th We pray for members of the Armed Forces as many of them assist in the programme of vaccination against Covid 19.

Fri. 12th We pray for the Emergency Services, currently under pressure; but continue to assist those in urgent need.

Sat. 13th We pray for those who are in training for Lay and Ordained Ministry.

Sun. 14th On the feast of St. Valentine we pray for those we love and who love us.

Mon. 15th We pray for our personal preparations for the Season of Lent.

Tues. 16th On this Shrove Tuesday, we pray for Christians everywhere as they prepare for Lent.

Wed. 17th ASH WEDNESDAY. Almighty God, by prayer and the discipline of Lent, may we enter into the mystery of Christ’s sufferings: and by following in his way come to share in his glory.

Thurs. 18th We hold before God the care of those at St. Elizabeth Hospice and the East Anglian Children’s Hospice here in Ipswich.

Fri. 19th We pray for all who suffer as a result of Natural Disasters around the World; and for Aid Agencies  who offer help

Sat. 20th We pray for all who seek peace and a place of rest in our Churchyard.

Sun. 21st We pray for Christopher and William and the members of our Choirs. For all the music they offer to enhance our worship.

Mon. 22nd We pray for our continued links with other Town Centre Churches. That we can support one another.

Tues. 23rd We pray for the Political Life of our Country. That all politicians can work together as our new relationship with European nations is established.

Wed. 24th We pray for the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter: for those who welcome guests during the bitterly cold winter nights.

Thurs. 25th We pray for the Homeless and the unemployed: that they can be guided to find a secure future.

Fri. 26th We pray for those held captive and for prisoners of conscience

Sat. 27th We pray for the elderly and frail and permanently confined at home. For those who daily care for them.

Sun. 28th We pray for Charity Organisations who work to support others; and who are currently finding it difficult to raise funds.

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