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Prayer Diary for January 2021

1st We pray for guidance to face the challenges of 2021.

2nd We pray for the clergy and people in our link diocese of Kagera

3rd We pray for all those who are homeless and for those who seek to provide support and shelter in our town.

4th We pray for all those providing online worship and prayer resources

5th We prayfor all those who work in the retail trade in town centre shops, local shops and retail centres.

6th On theFeast of the Epiphany we pray for the work of the Ipswich Women’s Refuge

7th We pray for children as they start back to school this week and for those who have been unable to access education over the last few months as a result of the pandemic

8th We pray for those who are sick and for their carers.

9th We pray for those who are persecuted for their faith and for hostages.

10th We pray for all in local government and for those who make decisions about the future of Ipswich

11th We pray for Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike.

12th We pray for Bury St Edmunds cathedral, for its outreach and mission

13th We pray for all those working in the NHS at this extremely difficult time.

14th We give thanks for the work of all scientists.

15th We pray for individuals and their families who are out of work.

16th We pray for all those groups and individuals who use Tower House.

17th We prayfor prisoners and their families and all those who work in the prison and probation services.

18th We pray for the work of Town Pastors at this time.

19th In the week of prayer for Christian Unity, we pray for the building up of relationships with other denominations

20th We pray for all those who at this time feel a keen sense of isolation and loneliness

21st   We pray for all those who have seen plans changed, livelihoods affected, and celebrations cancelled due to the pandemic.  

22nd We pray for the whole county as it moves into a new relationship with the EU

23rd We pray for all those who grieve, particularly those who have not been able to say a proper farewell during the last year

24th We pray for the Emergency services – the Police, Ambulance, Fire Service and Coastguard

25th We pray for aid and charity workers especially where natural disasters have occurred.

26th We pray for all those expecting a baby.

27th We pray for those who are creating, manufacturing and administering COVID 19 vaccines.

28th We pray for all staff and students at the University of Suffolk

29th We pray for the residents of care homes and those who look after them

30th We pray for all those we love and those who love us.

31st We pray for a strengthening of our faith and mission as individuals and as a church.

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