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Tues.1st We pray for Schools as Teachers and children return for the Summer Term.

Wed. 2nd We pray for countries around the world where strife and conflict persist.

Thurs. 3rd We pray for all Hospital Staff who continue to care for patients with severe Covid

Fri.4th We pray for all who are part of our Church community at St. Mary-le-Tower. For our
future planning. For our developing use of live streaming services and concerts.

Sat.5th We pray for the homeless in our town and those who provide food and shelter.

Sun.6th We pray for Christians around the World, that we can unite in our mission to tell of God’s
love for all people

Mon 7th We pray for victims of abuse and domestic violence: may they find ways to seek help.

Tues 8th We pray for victims of addiction. Strengthen them that their bonds of addiction can be
broken. Show us ways in which we can help, and prevent others from from becoming addicts

Wed 9th We pray for Farmers and farm workers as they harvest fruit and vegetable crops: and those
who bring them to shops and markets.

Thurs.10th We pray for the unemployed that they can find fulfilment in positive ways.

Fri. 11th On the feast of Barnabus the Apostle, we give thanks for those who spread the word as

Sat 12th We pray for businesses in our Town Centre as they return to trading. That good use can be
found for empty properties.

Sun 13th We pray for Clergy and congregations in our link diocese of Kagera (Tanzania)

Mon 14th We pray for those of other Faiths in Ipswich, that we can maintain good relationships and
learn from one another.

Tues. 15th We give thanks for those who provide Emergency Services: as they are always there
when we need them.

Wed. 16th We pray for the scientists around the world who work to prevent damaging climate

Thurs 17th God our Father, we thank you for your compassion and care for all people. Implant in
our hearts your love of justice, truth and mercy.

Fri 18th We pray for our Local Government Officers, Councillors and service providers. For all
who exercise authority in Suffolk.

Sat 19th We pray for the future of Commerce and Industry where progress is difficult.

Sun 20th We pray for all who live under threat of persecution for their faith.

Mon 21st We pray for peace and justice throughout the world.

Tues 22nd We pray for Refugees who seek asylum in a safe land.

Wed 23rd We pray for all who are bereaved: that they can be well supported.

Thurs 24th We celebrate the birth of John the Baptist, sent to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Fri 25th We pray for all who work in the Leisure Industry during the summer season

Sat 26th We pray for all who for whatever reason feel lonely and isolated may they find comfort

Sun 27th We pray for the Clergy and Leaders in our Town Centre Churches. And for Hospital

Mon 28th We pray for all who mourn the loss of those they have loved but see no longer, that they
may be comforted.

Tues 29th We celebrate the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul: grant that your Church be inspired by
their teaching and example

Wed 30th Yours Lord is the kingdom: yours the kingly rule of grace and truth which changes lives
and makes all things new.

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