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                                                Hear us Lord, as we pray:

Wed. 1st  Yours Lord is the kingdom, yours the kingly rule of peace and truth, which changes lives and makes all things new.

Thurs.2nd We pray for those who are starting school, or a new school or college. For teaching staff at the beginning of a new school year

Fri . 3rd   We pray for victims of abuse and domestic violence: may they find ways to seek help

Sat. 4th   We pray for Clergy and congregations in our Link diocese of Kagera (Tanzania)

Sun. 5th  We pray for Charles  and Susan as we give thanks for their 13 years of service with us.

Mon. 6th We pray for our local Police, Community Support Officers, and all who keep streets safe.

Tues. 7th We pray for performers and audience at the Lunch-time Concert today

Wed. 8th Today commemorates the birth of the Virgin Mary. We give thanks for Mothers everywhere

Thurs. 9th We give thanks for all who visit those who are housebound, and those who daily care for them.

Fri. 10th  We pray for our Churchyard gardeners: who keep it tidy and a pleasant place to rest.

Sat. 11th  We pray for all taking part in the “Ride and Stride” Historic Churches Fund event.

Sun. 12th At this time we celebrate our Patronal Festival anf give thanks for the many years of praise and worship at St. Mary-le-Tower.

Mon. 13th We pray for victims of addiction. Strengthen them that their bonds can be broken.

Tues. 14th We pray for the PCC Meeting being held this evening. For the decisions being made.

Wed. 15th We pray for those attending the mid-week Communion Service this morning.

Thurs. 16th We pray for those who suffer Mental illness: that they can be well supported.

Fri.  17th  We pray for patients in our local hospitals, residence in Care Homes and all who care for them.

Sat. 18th We pray for continuing co-operation with other Town Centre Churches; and with those form other faiths.

Sun 19th We pray for those who transport food and goods from suppliers to shops throughout the country.

Mon. 20th We remember Bishop John Patteson and his companions – martyrs for their faith.

Tues. 21st On the feast of St. Matthew, we remember apostles and evangelists. We pray for our Pastoral Team as they meet this evening.

Wed. 22nd We pray for those who work in Retail sales in Ipswich. For those whose jobs may be at risk.

Thurs. 23rd We pray for Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals, struggling to keep up with all who are in need of medical help.

Fri. 24th  We pray for those working at the Chapman Centre, Families in Need, and other local agencies who support families in difficulty.

Sat. 25th We give thanks for the team of Bell Ringers who regularly call us to worship.

Sun. 26th We pray for Revd. Tom Mumford as he moves to Ipswich and prepares for his ministry here at St. Mary-le-Tower.

Mon. 27th We pray for refugees ans asylum seekers living in Ipswich.

Tues. 28th We pray for Christians who are persecuted for their faith: that they remain steadfast.

Wed 29th We celebrate the Feast of St. Michael and all Angels.

Thurs 30th We pray for those who are unemployed: that they can find positive fulfilment.

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