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Become a Chorister (7-13)
Being a chorister is a wonderful start for any young musician and an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Training is held after school during term time and services take place every Sunday, Monday (Girls only) and Tuesdays (Boys only).

All choristers receive first class training in choral musicianship including vocal technique, aural skills and music theory, so we are proud to have produced many successful musicians and paved the way for choral and organ scholarships at top universities.

Anyone can become a chorister, so long as they are initially able to recall notes and short melodies on the piano, stand/sit still and are able to read to a sufficient standard. Playing an instrument is not a requirement – we hope all candidates are keen to sing, eager to learn and willing to commit to a demanding but highly rewarding schedule. Choristers receive a small amount of pocket money in return for their commitment and hard work.

Choral Scholarships (13-18)
St Mary-le-Tower offers Choral Scholarships to individuals who have previous choral experience or perform other types of music to a high standard. Many are former choristers but we welcome applications from those who have not sung in the choir previously. In addition to offering high standard of choral singing and solo performance experience, individual singing lessons and further tuition in musical theory is provided.

Candidates must be between the ages of 13-18, competent readers of music and have a good understanding of music theory. A fully formed voice is not a prerequisite.  The Director of Music will be looking for vocal potential as well as a musical ear and the ability to take instruction in rehearsal.

Adult Choir Members 
A crucial component of our choir are the adult choir members.  These individuals sing on a voluntary basis, helping with the musical and spiritual development of the younger members of the choir. We ask that any applicants are able to read music with relative fluency. We welcome voices that may have been rested for many years but have had experience of this type of choral tradition.

Applications are welcome all-year round, although scholarships are awarded to an individual after 6 months in the choir. If you are interested in learning more or auditioning to become a Chorister or Choral Scholar at St Mary-le-Tower, or an adult member of our choir, please contact our Director of Music:-

Christopher Borrett – Director of Music
Tel: 07917 355 946 

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