Chair: Hilary Norman
Treasurer: Sue Adair
Secretary : Sue Hollingsworth


Sanctuary guild flowers

Flower arrangement by a Sanctuary Guild member

The Sanctuary Guild is a well established part of Tower life. Minutes from fifty years ago show Annual General Meetings attended by over fifty ladies and chaired by the Vicar. The Guild deals with all matters usually handled by women and the things we do, do not change very much. We provide some surplices, collars and other items worn by the choir and Elders, we arrange for laundry and replacement of the altar linen, plain sewing and embroidery skills are much appreciated and we should be happy to hear of anyone who feels they can help in this way.  We deal with small repairs and replacement of flower containers etc. and one of our members organises the Flower Rota and again would be delighted to hear of anyone who would like to join it.  A really big effort is made with the lilies at Easter. Of course we are no longer an organisation for women only, we have one gentleman firmly and proudly on the Flower Rota and would welcome more. We raise money for charity and our big day of the year is the Autumn Lunch when we always have a speaker.

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