We are a strategic Christian ministry in the Town Centre of Ipswich,

  • proclaiming the Kingdom in worship, presence and service,
  • celebrating Christian pilgrimage richly in music,
  • learning from Jesus in scripture and in one another,
  • inspiring new generations with Christian faith and music,
  • worshipping formally and thinking progressively,
  • caring for and supporting one another,
  • rooted in Christian tradition and Anglican style,
  • affirming our place in our diocesan family of churches.

We will play a distinctive part in building community in the Town Centre of Ipswich,

  • offering a generous welcome to everyone,
  • maintaining a beautiful and historic house of prayer,
  • being an inclusive Christian community of all ages
  • being a friend to business, professions and institutions,
  • establishing a public profile for our work and activity
  • encouraging established and growing communities,
  • growing alongside other churches.

We will seek the Kingdom of God with:

      • passion for life,
      • love for the excluded,
      • concern for the healing of creation,
      • lively debate and discussion,
      • longing for justice and peace,
      • valuing the wisdom of years,
      • in the company of children and young people.


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