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Lord we pray:

Wed.1st   We pray for Leaders of Nations who bear the responsibility of Government. Give them

                wisdom  and integrity in all that they do.

Thurs. 2nd. We pray for all who help with the Christmas Tree Festival; and all who come to visit it.

                  May they find God’s presence here.

Fri. 3rd        For Refugee and asylum seekers, that they may find safety and a warm welcome.

Sat. 4th        For the housebound and the lonely; especially at this festive time of year.

Sun 5th        We pray that we celebrate the Season of Advent as we prepare for the birth of Jesus at


Mon. 6th     For all who struggle with the limitations of age and infirmity

Tues. 7th     We remember Bishop Ambrose, a teacher of the faith: and we give thanks to all who

                   help us to grow in faith.

Wed 8th       For those who will be clearing and cleaning the Church at the conclusion of the

                   Christmas Tree Festival.

Thurs. 9th    For all children who do not have a stable family environment.

Fri. 10th       For all who are unable to worship as they would wish, whatever their faith.

Sat. 11th       We pray for victims of abuse and violence, intolerance and prejudice. For those living

                    in poverty or under oppression.

Sun 12th      For members of the medical professions as we remember the sacrifice of Edith Cavell.

Mon 13th     For all who are struggling with depression and feeling isolated.

Tues. 14th    For all who are tempted to overspend at this time of year. That they may not be trapped

                    in debt.

Wed 15th     For those who attend the mid week Communion Service. For the support and friendship

                   that they share.

Thurs. 16th  For all who will attend Christmas Carol Services in the days before Christmas.

Fri 17th       We give thanks for the work of volunteers at St. Mary-le-Tower. That their efforts are


Sat 18th      For all who live in Care Homes and Sheltered accommodation; and those who support

                  and care for them.

Sun 19th     For Tom as he leads and encourages us all. For Roger and Celia and others who offer

                  support and assistance.

Mon 20th    For Families who are unable to be together at Christmas time.

Tues 21st     For the Choir of St. Mary-le-Tower offering our Christmas Lunch-time Concert.

                   For the PCC meeting this evening; and the decisions that they need to make.

Wed 22nd    For all our Emergency Services who are available to help those in need every day of the


Thurs.23rd We give thanks for our wonderful world. May we work to preserve it for future


Fri 24th       As we celebrate again the birth of Jesus, may we follow his example of humility, and

                   serve and care for those in need around us

Sat 25th      Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill towards all people, for

                   unto us a Son is born, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.

Sun 26th     We remember the martyrdom of Stephen. May we find forgiveness in our hearts.

Mon 27th    We remember today John the Apostle and Evangelist, we pray that you give us courage

                  and confidence to spread your Word.

Tues 28th    On this day we remember the Holy Innocents  and we give thanks for all who have

                   sacrificed their lives, so that we can learn about the Kingdom of God.

Wed 29th     We remember Archbishop Thomas Becket ; and pray for strength to maintain our firm

                    and unwavering faith: and always have God at the heart of everything we do.

Thurs 30th    We pray for those who suffer as a result of many forms of addiction. That they can find

                    the help that they need.

Fri 31st         May we face the New Year in hope and expectation: putting our concerns and future

                     plans before God.

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