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                                     PARISH PRAYER DIARY FOR NOVEMBER 2021

1st On All Saints’ Day we remember those who have gone before us as proclaimers of the faith.

2nd On All Souls Day we pray for all who have died, particularly those recently in our own congregation.

3rd We pray for those who are homeless.

4th We pray for all those who are exploring ordination.

5th We pray for aid and charity workers, especially those helping refugees.

6th   We pray for our Vicar Tom and his fiancé Laura on their marriage day.

7th   We prayfor prisoners and their families and all those who work in the prison and probation services.

8th We pray for our Bishops Martin and Mike.

9th We pray for all those ensnared in religious extremism and those who work to promote understanding and mutual respect between the religions of the world.

10th We pray for all those who struggle with mental health issues and for those who offer support.

11th We hold in prayer all those with responsibility in local government, remembering particularly the borough of Ipswich and county of Suffolk.

12th We hold in our prayers the important work of the Town Pastors.

13th We pray for the bell ringers of St Mary le Tower.

14th On Remembrance Sunday we pray for all those who have died in the service of freedom and their country.

15th We pray for the leaders of the nations, that all will seek the ways of peace and justice.

16th We give thanks for the joys of family life and relationships.

17th We give thanks for the work of the Sanctuary Guild and all those who care for the fabric of the Church.

18th We continue to pray for the opportunities afforded by the Tower House project and give thanks for all that has happened so far.

19th   We pray for all involved in church music; for the inspiration, solace and glimpse of glory that music in worship can provide.       

20th On the feast day of St Edmund, we pray for the cathedral and diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

21st We pray for a deepening of our Christian faith as we look towards the season of Advent and celebrate the feast of Christ the King.

22nd We give thanks for the ministry of Tom and Roger in this church.

23rd We pray for all members of the Emergency services

24th We keep a time of silent reflection.

25th Help us Lord with our Christian mission in the area we live and in our places of work.

26th   We pray for all those who are persecuted for their faith around the world.

27th We pray for all who are sick and for their carers; for our hospitals and hospices and those who work in them.

28th On this Advent Sunday we look forward to the coming of Christ, the saviour of the world.

29th   We pray for the residents of care homes and those who no longer can regularly attend church due to infirmity and advancing years.

30th On St Andrew’s Day we pray for the people of Scotland.

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