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                                     PARISH PRAYER DIARY FOR OCTOBER 2021

Hear us Lord, as we pray:

Fri. 1st.    That older people may be valued  for  their  life experiences. knowledge, and wisdom.

Sat. 2nd    For all who are in training for Ordained Ministry.

Sun.3rd   We pray for Farmers and Growers as we partake in our Harvest Festival. For Families in

                Need and all who support the work of food banks.

Mon 4th   For Tom as he begins his Ministry amongst us

Tues 5th  For our Churchwardens and Lay Elders as they support our worship.

Wed 6th  For all who support those with mental health issues.

Thurs.7th  For all who are inspired to alleviate the effects of climate change.

Fri. 8th     For our Members of Parliament and local Councillors.

Sat. 9th    For our Bishops Martin and Michael, our Archdeacons and senior clergy in the diocese.

Sun. 10th For Christopher and William and all Choir members as they enhance our worship.

Mon. 11th For an end to knife crime and violence in Ipswich.

Tues. 12th For the housebound and the lonely: for those who visit and support them.

Wed. 13th For Emergency Services personnel: that they remain safe as they go to help others in


Thurs. 14th For all who work to care for the Churchyard; making it a place of peace and rest, for

                  those who visit.

Fri. 15th    For all who find family life difficult.

Sat. 16th    For all Charity Workers. We give thanks for the work that they do.

Sun. 17th  For our Bell Ringers who call us to worship.

Mon. 18th  For all physicians, on St. Luke’s Day

Tues. 19th  We remember Henry Martyn: Translator of Scriptures and Missionary in India.

                 For members of the PCC: the decisions which will be made. For our Ministry to people

                 in our Town Centre

Wed. 20th  For Residents and Carers in Care Homes and Sheltered Housing.

Thurs.21st. For all who work in Tower House; serving the community.

Fri. 22nd    For all who are retail workers in the Town Centre.

Sat. 23rd   For people of other faiths. That we can all support one another.

Sun. 24th  On United Nations Day may all nations work together to ensure peace, prosperity and a

                secure future for everyone.

Mon 25th  As British Summer time ends, we pray for all who fear the colder weather and the dark

                days of winter.

Tues. 26th For the clergy and congregations of our link diocese of Kagera (Tanzania)

Wed. 27th  For Police Officers and others who endeavour to keep our streets safe.

Thurs 28th We remember the Apostles Simon and Jude.

Fri. 29th    We pray for all who continue to produce Covid vaccines and treatments to manage Long

                Covid infections.

Sat. 30th  We pray for your presence in our lives and give thanks for your love and grace.

Sun 31st  For Hospital Chaplains of all faiths. We give thanks for the Spiritual support offered to


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