Tower House Parking Permits

From 16th May, Ipswich Borough Council will be patrolling the Tower House (17 Tower Street) 24/7. Parking in this car park is very limited and strict guidelines for the issuing  of parking permits have now been issued.

If you are attending either the church or the Shared Community Projects in Tower House, and have a genuine need to park, you will need to display a permit or risk receiving a penalty.

In general, due to the very limited availability of spaces, permits are not routinely available to:

  • Congregations at church services,
  • Users of Shared Community Space (staff, volunteers, clients, visitors),
  • People attending meetings and events in Tower House,
  • People attending meetings and events in the Café,
  • Café staff and patrons.

However, the hirer of a room or a tenant may request a permit in cases of particular need because of disability or the carrying of bulky equipment.

For an application form and to view the parking policy and rules click below:

Parking Permit Application


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